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Pom-Poms: How Kendall Jenner Has Fun With Fashion [E Online]

boho fashion summer trends

by RALEIGH BURGAN  eonline.com

Have a little fun with your fashion this summer!

Hang one from your bag like Kendall Jenner or trim your clothes with many—whichever way you want to go about it, just do...because pom-poms are making a serious comeback. 

Chances are you've been attempting to add color to your wardrobe, but every "investment piece" you come across just makes sense in your go-to blacks, grays, whites and denims, right? Guaranteed, this trend will make committing to a little color easy on you.

Accessorize your best accessory—we're talking about handbags, people. You can choose to hang a simple key chain from your bag or you can show some real commitment by opting for one that's already fully loaded (with pom-poms, that is). 

Want to up your shoe game? Start here. Whether your style leans more toward a flat, a heel or something in the middle, there's pom-pom-adorned footwear for everyone.


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