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by Charlie Barnett  

Many of us strive to sport something with an earthen spirit while always keeping the hip fashionable charm. Especially for our short travel stints, a splash of colours with our modern and drab outfit often seems invaluable. Exactly, that is where dazzling, colourful and expressly fashionable Mochila bags come to our aid. Yes, with these handcrafted bags produced by Wayuu tribe in the Colombian countryside you literally can sport a fiesta of festive colours with exquisite and raw earthen feel in its textures and prints. No wonder that these bright-hued fashionable bags would become one of the most popular handicraft products worldwide.

Why Mochila Bags Are So Special, At Least Look Wise?

First time I saw an Italian couple sporting these sparklingly colourful bags dangling from their shoulders, it aroused a ‘Wow’ feeling in me. I said to myself, ‘who on earth could have made such intricate patterns with such robust sense of colours’? Yes, for my Europeanised senses of proportion and colours in fashion wears and accessories, that bright hue, exorbitantly expressive splash of colours were equally bizarre and fabulous.

Actually, it carried within it all the exuberance and raw earthen feel of a culture Latin America was known for. Since then I have seen increasing number of people, especially youth shouldering these bags. I now understood what is so special about Mochila bags. It is nothing but the raw, earthen and almost avant-garde Latino spirit that we like so much about these bags.

Saving A Rich Tradition? Yes, It Is

Hey! Do remember that these bags are not like those brand-promoted, factory produced, over publicised and market driven fashion products you buy from a window shopping spree in top urban marketplaces and neighborhoods in Europe. No, just do not expect to find a rich collection of Mochila bags in shopping malls and supermarkets. You can find your favourite brands over there that you have heard about so much but just cannot spot such an exquisite accessory there. Yes, it is not so much a widely marketable product that making its rounds in every shop windows.

Actually, this typical unique and hidden attribute of these fashionable bags helped to save a great tradition of handcrafting bags in the countryside of Colombia. Authentic Mochila bags are only produced by the women of Wayuu tribe in Colombia. Over the years, they made these bags the most hyped and popularised product greedily grabbed by fashion conscious people all over the globe.

No, here there is no question of a so-called run of the mill attribute. Every single bag is handcrafted consuming hours of labor and they always offer a unique look through its intricate designs. So, sporting a Mochila bag you are actually offering support to a rich tradition and helping these earthen people with their rich lineage of handcraft survive.

It Is Great For Kids Even

If you can look at yourself in a new fashionable look by sporting this exquisitely colourful bags, why not the kids? In fact, the little ones with their gleaming faces and restless steps look better and warmer with such wild splash of colours strapping on their shoulder. Moreover, Mochila bags now come in all sizes and strapping options to fit perfectly the kid-like exuberance. A small Mochila bag dangling from the tiny shoulder of little ones would make them look happier than ever.

Mochila Bags For A Distinct Fashion Statement

Honestly, every time I see a new breathtaking design pattern in a Mochila bag, I cannot resist buying it. This way I almost became a collector of these beautifully crafted bags. What do you think? Do I sport them all at various occasions in my local city tours or distant travels? No, that would be a really weird thing to do.

Though I have grown a liking for each one of them, there is only a handful that I use with my daily wear or for long distance travel. Actually, Mochila bags thanks to its wide range of design options offer sumptuous ways to make a distinct fashion statement. There is a typical everyday-wear utterly casual feel in Mochilla that I like very much. It helps you to stay connected with the earthen spirit.

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